Allama Rahat Hussaini lambastes biased government of Gilgit-Baltistan

Renowned Shia scholar and Friday prayers leader at Jamey Masjid Imamia Gilgit Allama Syed Rahat Hussain al Hussaini has slammed the biased PMLN government of Gilgit-Baltistan saying the G-B government had imposed dual laws and people’s land is being occupied under the pretext of Khalsa Sarkar.

“We don’t expect fair and just policy and actions from this biased and oppressive government,” he said addressing a congregation in Shigr that was held to mark the celebrations on the birth anniversary of Imam Ali (AS).
He said there was no example in the history of Gilgit-Baltistan of the oppression and tyranny which people have to experience during the tenure of the incumbent government.
He said Awami Action Committee’s stiff protest and resistance compelled the biased government to delay it plan to sell out the people’s land under pretext of Khalsa Sarkar. He lauded peaceful struggle of the Committee. He said that government was also trying to divide people by sowing seeds of hatred among them but people are well aware of factual position.
He said government has no right to sell out that land. He said first government has to persuade people and if they agree, then the owners of the land should be given compensatory amount or alternate plots if the government wants constructions on such land.


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