4 martyrs in Taliban missile attack


taliban_1A woman and 3 children martyred and 6 injured in a missle attack from Afghanistan side by militants of Taliban terrorist in a village of shalozan located on Pak-Afghan border at Kurram Agency.According to details, Series of missile attack was launched from mountains of Afhganistan side by Taliban militants on border village of Shalozan on Sunday evening majority of missle fall on trees but one fall down on a house martyred a woman 3 children and injured 6 of a same family.It is worth mentioning that series of missiles fired just on time when the day time majlis of 5th Muharram  ended and hundreds of mourners were coming out of Shalozan Imam bargah.After the incident Turi & Bangash tribes elders council putted the responsibility of Commandant FC Col tausef blaming that he is commandant of Taliban instead of Commandant of security forces.

The elders council blamed that actually the Col tausef is commiting state terrorisim because the people of shalozan located on pak afghan border refused to refugee the fleeing Taliban militants of haqani network from Waziristan in the hills and mountains of is worth mentioning that people of shalozan resisted strong attack of Taliban militants from Afghanistan side in september2010 while the FC was silent spectator at that time.Elders council demanded sever punishement and court martial to Commandant FC col Tausef they blamed him as commandant of Taliban militants otherwise they will protest countrywide on Ashora day.



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