Injured of Youm-e-Ali (AS) procession embraced Shahadat

martyrManzoor Ahmed son of Deen Muhammad on Thursday night embraced martyrdom, he was critically injured in the Suicide attack on the Youm-e-Ali (AS) Procession , 21st Ramzan in Lahore , who was fighting his battle of life , since then , but could not win to his fatal injuries , caused by the blast, and scummed to his injuries.

Noted here that the Punjab Police and Law Enforcement Agencies have failed to arrest the terrorists of banned organizations of TTP, SSP and LJ involved in the barbaric attack on Youm-e-Ali (AS) procession. Till now the Local and the Federal Government has not taken any serious notice of the deteriorating Law & Order Situation of the Pakistan on Whole and especially of Areas like Karachi and D I Khan , where especially Shia Community members are being Targeted and Killed on Daily Basis , while the community up till now is very patient and have not shown any reaction of this Brutal Situation . But the government should take some serious actions to apprehend the Killer of Shia Community and  Punish them of there unforgivable sins, because first of all the real culprits are not apprehended , and if by chance they are caught and then brought to the Book , then the cases which are framed against them are made on such weak grounds and witnesses , that they are escorted free in the court of the laws , from where they come as heroes, because the lack of powerful prosecution from the government , first of all due to corruption in the government , and then secondly due to their influence in the establishment and their Political affiliation with the Islamist Organisations of the country.

As there is unrest in the Shia community due to these Killing and attacks on the community members , So the establishment should take a serious notice of the prevailing Law & Order situation , especially for the shia community members before this volcano bursts up and is uncontrollable for any body to stop it .

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