MWM back revolutions in Bahrain and Arab world


Hundreds of angry protesters in the Pakistani city of Karachi have taken to the streets to show their solidarity and support for pro-democracy movements in Bahrain and across the Arab world.

According to the Shiite News Correspondent, the demonstration was organized by the Majlis-e-Wehdat Muslimeen (MWM) Karachi to  condemn the atrocities of Bahrain, Libya and Yemen’s Government. The protestors torched the American and Israeli flags and chanting the slogans against America, Israel and Britain.

The protestors expressed solidarity with the pro-democracy protestors of Bahrain, Yemen, Libya and Other Muslims countries and criticized the criminal silence of the United Nation and Human Rights organizations over the killing of innocent protestors in Bahrain, Libya and Yemen.

Addressing the protest demonstration, MWM Central leader Mohammad Mehdi,Maulana Baqar Zaidi, and Allama Aftab Haider Jafferi strongly condemned the killing of peaceful protestors in the Bahrain, Libya and Yemen and warned that the Pakistani people would besiege the diplomatic missions of these countries, if they will not stop the killing of innocent protestors.

The clerics condemned the pro-American government of Bahrain and the prince Sheikh Hammad bin Hamad al-Khalifa over the brutal action of the Bahrani army against the peaceful pro-democracy protestors.They said that more than 250 peaceful protestors were killed by the armed forces of these countries saying that the peaceful protest was the right of the people of these countries according to the charter of United Nation.

The leaders condemned the criminal silence of the United Nation, Western Countries, Human Rights Organization and so-called champions of Human rights. They expressed their solidarity with the uprising movements of Yemen, Libya, Bahrain, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt saying that Muslims of the world would dethrone their rulers from the country.

They warned that the conspiracies of the America, Israel and Britain would not succeed to halt the awakening of Muslim Ummah saying that the uprising in the Muslim world is the first step towards the New Muslim Middle East.The speakers warned the United States to leave the conspiracies against the Pakistan and take the lesson from the uprising in Tunisia, Egypt and Arab and African Muslim countries.

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