Shia Action Committee rally to support Bahraini people on May 1st

shiitenews_press_conference_shia_action_commettiAll Pakistan Shia Action Committee (APSAC) on Friday announced to organize a “Kafan Posh” rally (Symbolic Coffin wearing) in Karachi on May 1st to condemn the Saudi-backed Bahraini forces brutality on the oppressed people of Bahrain.

All Pakistan Shia Action Committee local leaders Maulana Abdul Karim, Maulana Mohammad Bachal and Maulana Mohammad Afsar said this while addressing the press conference at Karachi press club.

They said that the rally will be taken out from Numaish Chowrangi to Tibet Center to express the solidarity with the Islamic movement of Bahrain.

According to the Shiite News Correspondent, They demanded of the Government of Pakistan and Pakistani Army to immediately stop the recruitment of mercenaries from Pakistan to Bahrain saying that the people of the country would not tolerate the recruitment of mercenaries to kill oppressed people of Bahrain.

They criticized the criminal silence of the world community on the inhuman and brutal action of the Saudi-Nasabi forces against the oppressed people.

Criticizing the brutalities of the Saudi forces in Bahrain, they pointed out that the Nasabi-Saudi forces were torched the dozens of Holy Quran and destroyed the 156 Mosques in Bahrain saying that the basic object of the Saudi-forces is to protect the fifth Navy Fleet of United States in Bahrain.

The Shia leaders criticized the America and British governments over their conspiracies against the uprising in the Muslims countries saying that these countries are hatching the conspiracies to hijack the popular revolution of these countries.

They expressed complete solidarity with the uprising in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and other parts of the world saying that the popular uprising in the Middle East and North African countries are the steps towards the Muslim Middle East.

They said that after the escape of Tunisian president from the country and Hussani Mubarrak escapes from Egypt to avoid public wrath, people were rallying in Bahrain, Yemen, Libya and other Middle Eastern and North African countries for revolution. This was a clear message to the US and Israeli agents who had usurped powers in different countries, the leaders added.

It may be noted here that Shia Action Committee Central leaders Maulana Mirza Yousuf Hussain, Maulana Ali Anwar Jaffari, and others were not present on the occasion.


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