Thousands of karachiites march against Saudi-Wahabi’s invasion in Bahrain

shiitenews_1may_rally__karachiThousands of people on Sunday marched at M.A.Jinnah Road, an important street of Karachi against the Saudi-Wahabi’s intervention in Bahrain. The marchers condemned the killing of innocent people of Bahrain by the Wahabi forces of Saudi Arabia.

According to the Shiite News Correspondent, The rally was organized by the All Pakistan Shia Action Committee to condemn the brutalities of Wahabi-Nasabi regime Saudi Arabia.

Thousands of people including innocent Children and women wearing the symbolic coffin expressed the solidarity with the people of Bahrain. They were carrying the Red Flags inscribed the slogans “Labaik Ya Mehdi (as)” and Lakaik Ya Hussain (as), the protesters also holding the placards shows the brutalities of Saudi forces.

Addressing the participants of the protest rally, Shia Action Committee leaders Maulana Buland Naqvi, Maulana Abdul Karim, Maulana Riaz Hussain Tahiri, Majlis-e-Wahdat Muslameen leader Ali Ausat and others condemned the desecration of holy Quran and destruction of Mosques in Bahrain by the Wahabi-Salafi forces of Saudi and Bahrain.

They demanded of the Government of Pakistan and Pakistani Armed forces not to recruitment the mercenaries from Pakistan to crush the public uprising in Bahrain saying that the days of the Saudi-Wahabi regime is numbered.

The Shia leaders urged the people of Pakistan to foil the conspiracy of American and Saudi agents to create sectarian violence in the Country to get their vested interest saying that we are the supporters of oppressed people around the world.

They criticized the criminal silence of the World Community including United Nation, European Union, Organization of Islamic Countries and Human Rights Organization on the genocide of oppressed people of Bahrain, Yemen and Libya.

The participants of the protest rally torched the American and Israeli flags and also chanting the slogans of Labaik ya Hussain (as) and Labaik Ya Zehra (as).shiitenews_1may_rally



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