Police trying to involve Shia’s in assassination of Saudi diplomat,

shiitenew_cid-sindhPolice trying to involve Shia’s in assassination of Saudi diplomat, special report of Shiite News

The Sindh Police hatched a well-planned conspiracy to put the blame of the target killing of Saudi diplomat in Karachi on Shia Muslims of the metropolis, The Shiite News learnt on Wednesday .

According to the reports obtained by the Shiite News, The Inspector General Sindh Police Fayyaz Leghari has directed the CID Police Sindh Officers to immediately start a crackdown against the Shia Muslims of the metropolis and arrest the active members of the Community to fix them on the target killing of Saudi diplomat Hassan M al Kahtani, who was assassinated by the terrorists on broad daylight.

Fayyaz Leghari told Police officers that the Mehdi Forces (A paper organization of Sindh Police) was involved in the assassination of Saudi diplomat in Karachi and the attack of crackers on the consulate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to release the mounting pressure of the Saudi government for the arrest of the culprits involved in the killing of Saudi diplomat.

Despite the fact that the Taliban claims the responsibility of the attack on Saudi diplomat in Karachi. The biased officers of Sindh Police was trying to put the blame of the assassination of Saudi diplomat on Shia Muslims as they claimed that the deployments of Saudi forces in Bahrain have angered Shiite Pakistanis, with protests nationwide condemning the Saudi involvement and they might carried out the attack on Saudi diplomat.

It’s the fact that Shiites were angry on the crackdown of Saudi forces in Bahrain on the peaceful Shiite Protestors and also angry about reports on newspaper ads to recruit hundreds of former soldiers to work for the Bahrain security forces and help with the crackdown on protestors.

But this was the history of the Shia community of the country that the community has not been carried out offense against the diplomats including the protest demonstration outside the Bahraini or Saudi consulates.

Conversely, The outlawed organization associated with Al-Qaeeda and Taliban including Jamaat-ud-Dawa , Jaesh-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Jhnagvi  and Sipah-e-Sahaba were involved in the assassination of American, British and Iranian diplomats and the attacks on diplomatic missions in Pakistan.

Though, the Police officials have obtained the CCTV footages from the Saudi consulate and the building around the consulate, which will expose the miscreants.

But the Police officials of Sindh police without any evidences are trying to put the blame of the assassination of Saudi diplomat on Shia Muslims on their assumptions. The police and agencies were using their sponsored media outlets and published the biased news against the Shia Muslims over their involvement in Saudi diplomat killing.

The Washington Post quoted a senior police official in Karachi said investigators were trying to determine whether militants related to al-Qaeda, which opposes the Saudi regime, had carried out the attack to avenge the killing of the Saudi-born bin Laden.

But the official said the assassination of the diplomat, which came two days after hand grenades were lobbed at Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Karachi, might also have been carried out by Shiites angry that the kingdom had sent troops to Bahrain to suppress Shiite protests there.

Shia leaders expressed their concerns over the conspiracy of the Sindh Police and warned the government about the stern reaction over the fake allegations against the Shia Muslims.

It may be noted here that the CID police in Karachi has arrested a Shia Man Muntazir Mehdi from the Madina Tul Ilm Mosque GUlshan-e-Iqbal on Tuesday and try to involve him in the Saudi diplomat killing.


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