CID Police: Tawheed Brigade possibly behind Shaheed Mukhtar Bukhari Advocate killing

shiitenews shaheed mukhtar bukhariA new Wahabi-Nasabi militant group appears to have emerged in Karachi with two high-profile target killings — of a naval officer and a leading Shia lawyer Shaheed Mukhtar Abbas Advocate — under its belt

According to the Shiite News Monitoring Desk, The local daily news paper Express published the news of the possible involvement of the terrorists outfit of Wahabi-Nasabi’s in the assassination of Shaheed Mukhtar Abbas Advocate, the In-charge of the legal Aid committee of Shiite Muslims in Sindh province.

shiitenews TawheedBrigadeThe group – called the Pasban-e-Tawheed or Tawheed Brigade – posted messages on several extremist discussion forums online to claim responsibility. It claimed that its members had killed Pakistan naval official Lieutenant Commander Nasir Nafees, who was shot dead in North Karachi along with a friend while he was visiting his mother on the first day of Eidul Fitr. The second victim was the leading Shia lawyer Shaheed Mukhtar Abbas, who was gunned down on July 25 while returning from the City Court.

Police investigators were unable to establish the motive behind the killing of the naval officer, while they believed that advocate Mukhtar Abbas Advocate, who used to deal with sectarian cases involving the banned Sipah-e-Mohammad Pakistan, was killed by members of the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, which is also proscribed.

CID’s Anti-Extremism Cell chief SSP Chaudhry Aslam Khan said that there are some leads about the high-profile murders. “There is no doubt that this group exists,” he explained. “However, we need to confirm whether this group is involved or not.” According to Khan, Pasban-e-Tawheed may have carried out other high-profile killings and criminal activities but he could not disclose any other details since the investigation is still underway.

Pasban-e-Tawheed’s online messages make its motives of killing Nafees and Mukhtar Abbas Advocate clear. In a post claiming responsibility for Nafees’ death, As far as Shaheed Mukhtar Abbass killing is concerned, the message explains that it was for his work as a defence attorney for Sipah-e-Mohammad Pakistan.

The messages were posted on several discussion forums in English, Urdu and Arabic. Little is known about the group and they appear to have minimal online presence. They do not appear to have been mentioned on jihadist websites and forums prior to these two postings. On one discussion forum, users have posted messages asking for more information about the group.



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