Journalists and Shia Students held in Parachinar

shiitenews areasst parachanar  The Political Authorities arrested several journalists and Activists of Youth of Parachinar (YoP) on Tuesday from Parachinar Press Club.

According to the Shiite News Correspondent, the biased political administration of the Kurram agency has arrested the journalists and Activists of Youth of Parachinar (YoP), when the activists of Youth of Parachinar (YoP) were addressing the press conference to condemn the firing by political authorities on Monday injuring three protesting Shia students.

The arrested journalists include President of Parachinar Press Club Azmat Alizai, Senior Vice President Haji Nasir Hussain, General Secretary Haji Sajad Hussain, Press Secretary Rashid Khan, Finance Secretary Said Sajid Ali Shah, President of Tribal Union of Journalists Kurram Agency Hussain Afzal and Senior Vice President Mehdi Hussain.

However, the locals of Parachinar have decided to stage protest against the authorities concerned against the illegal arrest of the journalists and activists of Youth of Parachinar.

Majlis-e-Wehdat Muslameen (MWM) and Imamia Students Organization (ISO) strongly condemned the detention of the journalists and Youth of Parchinar activists by the biased political administration and termed the arrest of the journalists an attack on freedom of Media.


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