Erasing infallible Imams’ names from Bari Sarkar shrine evokes protest by Sunnis-Shiites

bariimamSunni and Shia Muslims foiled the attempt of biased administration who tried to erase the names and symbols of infallible Imams at the shrine of Shah Abdul Lateef (Bari Sarkar) (RA).
As soon as they heard of the administration’s anti-Islam action, they rushed to the scene and foiled the attempt. They began protesting against the administration and termed them as Yazidi nasbi takfiri admin.

Tanveer Abbasi, Manzar Kyani, Qaisar Abbas, Zahoor Hussain and other Sunni-Shia Muslims were leading the protestors.

They warned that they would not tolerate any Yazidi takfiri policy for the holy shrine of Bari Sarkar (RA).

Sahibzada Hamid Raza and other leaders of the Sunni Ittehad Council and Nasir Abbas Shirazi and Allama Abdul Khaliq Asadi had recently visited the shrine to offer fateha there. They had announced they would jointly hold urs of Hazrat Shah Abdul Lateef Bari Sarkar.


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