Lahore: Rehman shah Re-elects Central President of Imamia Students Organization (ISO)

shiitenews ISO Rehman-ShahSyed Rehman Shah has re-elected the 39th Central President of Imamia Students Organization (ISO) Pakistan, the leading representative Shiite Students Organization of Pakistan on Sunday in a 39th Annual convention of the organization held in Jamia-tul-Muntazir Lahore.


According to the Shiite News Correspondent, Syed Rehman shah was re-elected in an electoral contest held between him ( Rehman Shah) and former Central General Secretrey of Imamia Students Organization Pakistan Syed Tehseer Kazmi, more than 1600 members of ISO Central Majlis-e-Amomi (Executive Council) were cast their votes held under the secret ballot system, of whom a handsome majority re-elected Mr Rehman Shah as the new president of ISO Pakistan.


The Senior Shia Cleric Maulana Ali Moosavi has announced the name of the newly elected president of Imamia Students Organization in a overcrowded meeting at Jamia-tul-Muntazir on Sunday night, where the activists of ISO were chanting the slogans in favor of the new president.

The Imamia Students Organization Pakistan (ISO) is the only student organization in Pakistan having a regular and transparent internal elections process in every organizational year, electing is central President for every year since its foundation in 22nd May 1972.


The three days long central convention was finished after the election of the Central President of Imamia Students Organization in Lahore. The thousands of the activists, seniors and clerics from the every parts of the country were attended the three days convention of the organization and taken the part in the organizational affairs and activities of the ISO.


Ayatullah Syed Mujtaba Hussain (Syria), representative of leader of the Islamic revolution Ayatullah Khamenei in Syria, was the chief guest of the convention of Imamia Students Organization 39th Convention.

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