Allama Nasir Abbas says Saudi wants to use Pakistan as their proxy

raja nasir lebnonAllama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari, secretary general of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen, has said that Saudi monarchy and its allies mainly U.S. want Pakistan to misuse Pakistan as their proxy against the fellow Muslims around the world.

In an interview to the Lebanese Daily Al-Ahad, head of the leading Shia party of Pakistan, said that Saudi leads Persian Gulf Arab monarchies and they all are puppets of the United States. Therefore, their intervention in Pakistan was not in the interest of Pakistani nation and Muslim Ummah.

“We reject all forms of foreign meddling into Pakistani affairs. They have no right to dictate their policies to Pakistan,” he categorically stated.

Allama Jafari further said that Pakistan is a nuclear state and the U.S.-led West conspired to destroy its nuclear assets. Its client-states such as Saudi and other Gulf monarchies always backed Taliban by cash and arms and so is their role in Syria nowadays. He said that this evil-nexus want to destroy Pakistan and Pakistani Shiites, Sunnis and non-Muslim population have joined hands against the Taliban terrorists and their foreign masters.

They said that Pakistan suffered colossal losses due to that nexus. He said that thousands of Pakistanis including its civilians and security officials were massacred and Pakistani installations were destroyed by these terrorists.

“Those who won the elections due to support of the Taliban terrorists are now paying back to their friends in Taliban. They want to defend Taliban’s takfiri terrorists by trumpeting the idea of talks instead of military operation against them,” he said.

Allama Jafari said that PMLN’s leadership that rules Pakistan today remained an ally of the monarchy hence Saudi princes and crown prince are trying to buy Pakistan against Syrian legitimate government. He said that Pakistanis oppose all such anti-Pakistan and anti-Muslim policies.


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