Parachinar’s Shia leaders denounce govt for failure to stop Shia-genocide

Javad-HadiShia leaders of Parachinar Allama Syed Abid Hussaini, Allama Javad Hadi and Allama Safdar Ali Shah Naqvi have expressed solidarity with the heirs of Shiite martyrs of Pakistan.

Shiite News Correspondent reported that in their telephonic conversations to Karachi-based Shia notables in the wake of assassinations of Allama Taqi Hadi Naqvi and condemned the terrorist attacks on Shiites.

Former Senators Allama Hussaini and Allama Hadi and renowned scholar Allama Safdar Naqvi said that it was a tragedy that respected teacher and educationist Allama Taqi Hadi Naqvi was targeted. They said that Shiites were being killed unabated and the government failed to take action against the Yazidi takfiri nasbi terrorists.

They said that the government failed to establish its writ in the settled areas, let alone the tribal areas. They exhorted the government to order military operation to liquidate the terrorists. They warned that government’s failure could lead to its premature dismissal like 1999.


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