19th anniversary of Dr Mohammad Ali Naqvi’s martyrdom being observed

vigil-dr-naqvi-islamabad-anniversary19th anniversary of Dr Mohammad Ali Naqvi’s martyrdom was being observed in and outside of Pakistan with profound admiration for one of the great martyrs of Shia Islam in Pakistan.

His Imamia Students Organisation that he founded in 1970s organized countrywide programs including condolence meetings, conferences, seminars and photo exhibitions.

“People who made history always lived in hearts and minds of later generations and Doctor Mohammad Ali Naqvi was such a legend because of his true ideology and his legacy that have inherited,” said Hashir Abedi, an official of the ISO at the camp of a photo exhibition in Sadat Colony Incholi Karachi talking to the Shiite News.

Vigils were also held and one such event was held in Islamabd where youths lit earthen lamps to renew their pledge to enlighten them through the revolutionary ideology of the gerat martyr. 

Jafaria Students Organisation that was founded by the supporters of Allama Sajid Naqvi too own Dr Naqvi and they too held programs commemorate the martyrdom anniversary.

Allama Naqvi has issued a message on the anniversary that was identical with the statement of Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen. Both eminent scholars and Shiites leaders declared martyr Dr Naqvi is a role model for youths.

Pakistanis commemorated the anniversary in the holy cities of Qom and Mashahd in Iran. At those MWM-hosted conferences, rich tributes were paid to the martyr.  

Allama Jafari, Allama Ahmed Iqbal, and other scholars and former officials of the ISO said that Dr Mohammad Ali Naqvi promoted the revolutionary culture of Shia Islam. He said that stiff opposition from the elites and hardships of tyrant dictatorial rule of martial law failed to defeat the unwavering steadfastness of Dr Naqvi. He said that he was the chief diplomat of Imam Khomeini’s revolution and true son of Imam Khamenei as well.

Shia Ulema Council’s Chief Allama Sajid Naqvi, in his message from Rawalpindi, said that martyr Naqvi made great sacrifices for the sake of motherland and nation.


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