Balochistan: 623 Shia Muslims martyrs in Quetta during last three years

shiitenews Quetta shiaMore than 632 Shia Muslims were martyred during last three years in Quetta by the terrorists of Nasabi-Wahabi organization, The Shiite News learnt through a survey conducted by the Correspondent of Shiite News.

 The genocide of Shiite Muslims have been continued in the Balochistan especially in Quetta, where the armed terrorists of Taliban and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi patronage by Chief Minister Balochistan Aslam Raisani were killed the innocent shia Muslims in Quetta, Mastung, and other areas of Balochistan.

The main target of the Nasabi-Wahabi terrorists are the Shiite People belongs from Hazara community of Quetta, but despite the genocide of the Shia Muslims the Balochistan Government has failed to arrest a single group of terrorists involved in the killing of Shia Muslims.

Talking to the Shiite News, Syed Ashraf Zaidi, President of Balochistan Shiite Council, said that the more than 600 Shia Muslims were martyred in the incident of target killing and suicide attacks on pilgrims, notables, Shia Politicians and common people belongs from the community.

He said that that despite pointing out sensitive places repeatedly to police no fool proof security arrangements were made which is a loudly speaking open proof of the failure of government.

He added that more than 600 people’s dead bodies have been picked during last three years and our patience should not be tested anymore; banned terrorist outfits’ people have been recruited in the police and this is the main cause that the culprits are not arrested.

“The Chief justice should take suo moto notice over ongoing saddening incidents of violence in Quetta while the government must hand over the city to army for maintaining law and order, “Syed Ashraf Zaidi demanded.

Giving the solution of the prevailing law and order situation in Balochistan, he demanded that now this city should be handed over to the army to maintain law and order.



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