Allama Rahat Hussaini says biased admin responsible for Gilgit-Baltistan crisis

Rahat-HussainiAllama Rahat Hussain al Hussaini, Friday prayer leader of Central Imamia Jamey Masjid Gilgit has said that biased administration was root cause of bad law and order situation of Gilgit-Baltistan.

In his Friday sermon, he said, innocent and law-abiding citizens are being impounded and the notorious criminals and rioters are spared due to which law and order situation went from bad to worse.

“It is shameful and condemnable policy of the biased and incompetent officials. Unbiased and competent administration is a must to establish peace in Gilgit-Baltistan,” he said.

He appreciated the formation of an Action Committee which he said reflected the unity of people. He urged people to support the representative Action Committee because that committee would ensure establishment of peace. He also announced support to the call for commercial strike by Awami Action Committee.


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