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NA-89 Jhang: MNA Sheikh Akram to challenge disqualification in SC

ludyanviThe disqualified MNA Sheikh Muhammad Akram of NA-89 Jhang is set to contest his removal in the Supreme Court as his party sees no “solid reason” for the tribunal’s ruling to remove him.

The Pro-Taliban Faisalabad Election Tribunal judge Javed Yousaf on Wednesday disqualified Akram, who was elected from Jhang (NA-89). The tribunal has directed the Election Commission of Punjab to notify that the runner-up candidate, Ahmad Ludhianvi of the terrorist Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat, is elected. Ludhianvi in his petition had alleged that Akram was not eligible as envisaged by Articles 62 and 63 of the constitution as he did not fulfill the condition of being “sadiq and ameen” (truthful and trustworthy) despite the fact that Luhianvi himself involved in sectarian violence and killing of innocent people.
In an informal meeting, several senior PML-N members from the party’s parliamentary board deliberated over the development, and felt that Akram’s disqualification had no substantial basis as there is no issue of rigging or a forged degree.
The disqualified candidate told the board that the tribunal’s decision is based on an old FIR lodged against him. According to Akram, the FIR is about a bus accident, on the basis of which the tribunal disqualified him.
It has decided that Sheikh Akram will hire a competent lawyer who can contest his case in the Supreme Court as it hopes that the apex court will set the tribunal’s decision aside. The board also directed Akram to reconcile his enmity with the applicants of the FIR which was lodged against his transport company and himself.
There may be a delay in the notification of Ludhianvi as the new MNA as Akram will appeal his case.
While talking to The Express Tribune, Killer Ludhianvi said that the ECP has not yet issued any notification for his victory. He said that if the aggrieved party moves the SC he would contest the case there as well.
He also said that the ECP should issue a notification for his election today (Friday), as a further delay seems illogical.
Sheikh Waqas Akram won the seat in a by-election as a candidate of the PML-Q and retained it in the 2008 elections.


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