Shia legislator meets President Mamnoon Hussain informs about public problems

AghaRaza-mamnoon-hussainAgha Syed Mohammad Reza, Shia Hazara Member of Provincial Assembly, Balochistan, met President Mamnoon Hussain and apprised him of the problems of people of his constituency.

Shiite News Correspondent reported here that the meeting was held at Presidency in Islamabad where President Mamnoon Hussain welcomed the delegation led by Agha Reza.

“Persian speaking Shia Hazara Muslims are denied their inalienable constitutional and legal rights in Quetta where their ancestors had been living for more than a century,” he complained. He said that National Identity Cards and Passports are not issued to the Shia Hazara Pakistanis who are asked by the corrupt officials to produce those documents that they officials themselves don’t possess.

“Government knows people of Balochistan particularly Shia Hazaras suffered very much. I assure you that there will be no more injustice to them and government will take stern action against such officials who impede issuance of the NICs and Passports to you,” President Mamnoon was quoted as saying.   

President further assured that legal action would also be taken against such corrupt officials. He assured that foolproof measures would be adopted to raise the standard of living of people and establish peace in Balochistan and in particularly in Quetta.


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