Yazidi takfiri Taliban terrorist commander among 6 killed in N Waziristan

Pakistan-Army-Flag-on-mountainAt least 6 Yazidi takfiri nasbi terrorists of Taliban were killed during hand-to-hand combat between security forces and militants in Mirali early Tuesday. Outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Mirali commander, Matiullah, was one of the terrorists killed in the encounter, according to the ISPR.

The DG ISPR said that 11 terrorists had surrendered to the Pakistan Army in Mirali. However, he added that the army is facing resistance from militants in the area. While briefing the media, Bajwa stated that a total of 447 terrorists have been killed, while 88 of their hideouts have been destroyed.
According to Bajwa, 26 soldiers have also been killed since June 15, when Pakistan launched the military operation.
Bajwa told media that North Waziristan had become a center of terrorism and militants were brainHe also stated that the security situation has improved in areas that have been cleared by the army.
Bajwa said that while it is possible that some terrorists had fled North Waziristan before the start of Operation Zarb-e-Azb, none of them have managed to escape since it began.
Speaking about acts of terror in the country in 2014, he stated that 195 people were killed upto June 20 this year.
The DG also said that internally displaced persons (IDPs), who relocated after the operation, were being investigated before they were registered.
He also said that the number of IDPs was greater than 0.9 million.
Two soldiers killed
A captain and a soldier were killed in an intense exchange of fire between terrorists and Pak army in Mirali late Tuesday.
According to details, Captain Akash Rabbai and another soldier were killed when they were fired upon by the terrorists.
Four terrorists were also killed in the exchange of fire.
washing suicide bombers to do their bidding.

A total of five soldiers and 11 terrorists were killed in Mirali om July 15.
In the evening, two soldiers – including Captain Akash Rabbani – were killed and two soldiers injured in Mirali, ISPR said. Four terrorists were also killed in an exchange of fire between militants and security forces.

Earlier in the day, three soldiers were killed in an incident of firing, and six were injured in Mirali, Express News reported, confirming reports from ISPR. Seven terrorists were also killed in the attack and their bodies taken into custody.


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