MWM warns to begin movement to oust govt if Shia genocide not stopped

aijaz-behishti-2Allama Aijaz Behishti, deputy secretary general of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen, has said that failure of Sindh government to launch crackdown on the takfiri terrorists of outlawed outfits emboldened them to continue genocide against Shia Muslims.

Speaking at a press conference here on Saturday, he said, Sindh government had promised to the MWM leadership that stern action would be taken to eliminate the terrorists but Sindh government failed to keep her words.

“Government’s inaction was considered a green signal by the Yazidi takfiri terrorists who assassinated MWM’s eminent members Adeel Abbas and Haider Abbas during the holy month of Ramazan,” he said.

Allama Behishti said that on the one hand Zionist terrorist army of illegitimate state of Israel launched war on defenseless people of Gaza in Palestine and on the other takfiri terrorists are fighting Zionists proxy war by killing innocent Muslims in Pakistan, Iraq and Syria. He vowed that Shia Muslims would not withdraw their support to Palestinians and would continue to support armed resistance to Zionist occupation of the sacred land of Palestine.

“To eliminate the Zionist proxy, the takfiri terrorists, Operation Zarb-e-Azb should be expanded to entire country particularly to Karachi and Balochistan so that all terrorists should be liquidate in single phase,” he emphasized.

MWM’s official demanded that all arrested takfiri terrorists be hanged publicly and absconding terrorists should be eliminated in targeted military operation because writ of Pakistani state has been shattered by the terrorists and the state needs to maintain its writ.

“We warn the government to end its inaction and adopt practical measures immediately to purge Sindh province including Karachi of terrorists, otherwise Shia Muslims reserve the right to protest against the government that could dislodge them like Balochistan government,” he asserted.  


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