police arrest 3 ‘terrorists’ involved in hand grenade attack in Gilgit

protest-copyPolice have arrested three people belongs from outlawed terrorists organizations in connection with the hand-grenade attack that injured at at least two people in the Punial Road area of Gilgit city near Central Imamia Mosque.

According to police sources informed News Correspondent, the accused, Abdul Wahid, Zahid and Sher Ghayas, were arrested near Jamal Hotel, Airport Road, when they were trying to flee in a Non-custom paid car bearing the number 1505.

A blast occurred near a mosque in Gilgit city at around 07:35 pm  on Monday.  At least two people were injured as a result of the blast, according to initial report.

The blast was, reportedly, caused by a hand-grenade hurled by unknown terrorists from a vehicle passing through the Punial Road locality of Gilgit city.

The injured, identified as Shabbir and Ibrahim, were shifted to the District Headquarters Hospital.

People have gathered near the blast site and raising slogans against the government for failing to protect lives of the people.

Personnel of the law-enforcing agencies have reached the site to take the situation under control. The police have claimed that they have arrested some people in connection with today’s attack.

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