ISPR issues cyber alert warning on malicious email misusing its name

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Wednesday issued a cyber alert warning of a phishing email being sent using an account carrying the name of the military’s public relations wing.
“A malicious email is sent from [email protected], using name of ISPR.


It is clarified that this is a phishing email which has no link to ISPR,” the military’s public relations wing said in a statement.
“If received please don’t open it, report it as spam and delete.”
The ISPR further directed netizens that if opened inadvertently, do not click on any link asking for information to be entered into a form or to unsubscribe.
“Clicking any link can compromise security of your PC, cell phone, iPad, etc,” it warned.
The ISPR’s official domain name is and there is no other domain, it clarified.



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