Political admin official shot dead in terrorist attack in North Waziristan

An official of the now-defunct political administration in North Waziristan was killed and three Levies personnel were critically injured in an attack on Friday night. Ayaz Khan, the martyred person, Hameedullah, was the first political administration official who went to North Waziristan after Operation Zarb-e-Azb and set up a check post on the Bannu-Miran Shah there.

Seven years ago, his father Amanullah was killed by terrorists in the same area when he was on duty. A presidential award was announced for Hameedullah’s father after his demise, which the son received.
Hameedullah was killed while patrolling the area along with Levies personnel, under the agreement with the army in response to protests against targetted killings in North Waziristan.
Some of the recent incidents include three separate attacks taking place in a day.
According to the political administration, a man identified as Aziz-ur-Rehman was shot dead near his house in Miran Shah. In the other two incidents, a teacher was shot dead in his house in Ziraki, while former MNA Maulana Deendar’s son was killed in Khasukhel area of Mir Ali tehsil.
Besides, bomb explosions were also reported with two schools also coming under attack.
One of the schools was in Khasukhel and the other was situated in Hurmaz areas of the agency.
In April, a wedding ceremony was also targetted with a hand grenade, leaving two dead and 30 others injured.
Protests had started across North Waziristan against targetted killings of people in North Waziristan. Following the attacks, army and political administration decided to take up the responsibility to patrol the area, along with security personnel.


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