ISO supporters stage rally to protest against missile attacks on Syria

The supporters of Imamia Students Organisation Karachi chapter took out a rally to register its protest against missile attacks by US, UK and France against Syria under a false flag joint operation.

Carrying placards and banners, boys and girls (students) raised slogans against US and its allies over violation of international law and aggression on Syria.
The rally was culminated at Karachi Press Club where Allama Syed Sadiq Raza Taqvi, Allama Razi Haider Zaidi and Allama Mubashir Hassan spoke. They condemned the massacre of innocent Syrians due to US-imposed war on Syria for last seven years.
They said that US-led alliance and their proxies imposed uncalled for war on Syria to defend the illegitimate and fake state of Israel and its Zionist regime who is in fact usurper of sacred land of Palestine. They said that US and its allies have perpetrated crimes against humanity in Syria but United Nations, EU, OIC, etc., failed to punish these aggressors.
They demanded Muslim countries including Pakistan to protest against aggression on Syria and break-off ties with US and its allies over violation of sovereignty of Syria and massacre of innocent Syrians.


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