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RAW Balochistan Desk of Indian embassy in Washington plots against Pakistan

A senior Baloch activist Ahmer Mustikhan, founder of the American Friends of Balochistan (AFB) group has disclosed that RAW operatives are working from the Indian embassy in Washington and one Nagesh Bhushan manned RAW’s Balochistan Desk.

“India is supporting terrorism in Pakistan and this support started after the Kargil war and that’s why the current insurgency had continued for 12 years,” he said, adding that RAW encouraged militants to kill Punjabi, Pakhtun and even Sindhi civilians.
“We have no fight with civilians. They are our brothers,” he said. “They gave me a lot of mental torture [for opposing their plans]. They say if you kill, you are a hero otherwise you are zero.”
He made these disclosures in chat with a Pakistani English daily and also posted three online statements on Facebook on Tuesday after a district court in Maryland rejected an appeal to muzzle him. AFB’s two Indian supporters — Soumya Chowdhury and Krishna Gudipati — had filed the appeal, asking the judge to stop Mr Mustikhan from publicly sharing the internal affairs of the group. The court agreed with the Baloch activist’s plea that the US constitution guaranteed his freedom of expression.


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