Allama Riaz Najafi calls for Muslim unity to help oppressed Palestinians

Renowned religious scholar and president of Federation of Pakistan’s Shia seminaries Allama Syed Riaz Hussain Najafi has expressed concern on the disunity of the governments of the Muslim majority countries due to which enemies of Islam and Muslims plotted against the sacred land of Palestine and oppressed Palestinians.

Speaking at a congregation at Jamiatul Muntazir in Lahore, he said, only Turkey and South Africa have recalled their envoys in protest against the Israeli attacks on innocent Palestinians and US relocation of its embassy from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem.
Allama Najafi lamented that neither Arab League nor OIC came forward with concrete practical steps to help Palestinians. He said that Muslims in Palestine, Kashmir and Yemen are suffering due to attacks on their lives, properties and honour and they need immediate attention and required actions from the Muslim Ummah.
He urged the Muslims to end their disunity and act upon teachings of Islam and Quran and join hands to rescue their oppressed brethren.


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