Jafaria Students Organisation’s Iftar party marks Shia-Sunni unity

Allama Syed Mohammad Kazim Naqvi led Maghrib prayers and students belonging to Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal Students Wing offered prayers under his Imamat demonstrating unmatched Sunni-Shia unity at Shia Miani in Mlutan where Jafaria Students Organisation (JSO) hosted an Iftar party in honour of MMA students wing.

The Sunni members of said students organizations attended the Iftar party largely and offered prayers under Imamat if eminent Shia religious scholar Allama Kazmi at Jamia Mukhzanul Uloom in Multan Shia Miani.
The JSO leaders Zeeshan Haider Shamsi and Yasir Raza discussed preparations for Quds Day rally to be staged at Nawan Shehar Chowk on Friday Ramazan 23. Islami Jamiat Talba leaders assured them of their participation, support and cooperation.


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