Eleven Shia martyred in November, 2011 in Pakistan

shia targetMore than 11 Shia Muslims have been martyred by the Wahabi terrorists in last month of October of 2011. The genocide of the Shia Muslims was the part of the ongoing killing of Shia Muslims in Pakistan.

According to the Shiite News monitoring desk, American backed-Wahabi Nasasbi terrorist organization and some elements in the Pakistani establishment and agencies are the main organizations and institutions involved in the genocide of Shia Muslims in different provinces of Pakistan.

Sindh Province:

More than Seven Shia Muslims were martyred in Karachi, the capital of Sindh province and financial hub of Pakistan. 

The Shaheed Zainul Abideen (7th November), Shaheed Kashif Zaidi ( 12th November), Shaheed Tabish (20th November in fake Police encounter), Shaheed Ghulam Hussain (25th November), Shaheed Zainul Abideen of Buturab Scouts and Shaheed Mohamamd Azhar Ali of Pak Hyderi Scouts (27th November at Numaish Chowrangi) and Shahhed Nayar Zaidi (29th November— Injured of Rangers shelling at Numaish Chowrangi) were martyred in November 2011 in the firing of armed Wahabi terrorists and Rangers shelling in Karachi.

Gilgit-Baltistan Province:

Three Shia Muslims were martyred in the Gilgit City in the ongoing conspiracy of Wahabi and some biased state elements to sabotage the peace of the Gilgit-Baltistan province and to start a crack-down against Shia Muslims.

Shaheed Nisar Hussain (1st November), Shaheed Mohammad Ali (2nd November) and Shaheed Karim Haider ( 6th November) were martyred and four Shia Muslims were injured in the target killing of Shia Muslims in Gilgit City of Shia dominated Gilgit-Baltistan Province.

Balochistan Province:

Shaheed Mohammad Danish Alam Baltistani, a lecturer at the University of Balochistan, was gunned down by armed Wahabi-terrorists in Quetta, capital of violent Balochistan Province on 29th November.

However, the Balochsitan Shia Community has established its own security system in the Shia populated Alamdar Road and other areas to thwart any incident of terrorism.

Khyber-PukhtoonKhwa Province:

By the grace of Allah and Mohamamd-o-Alae Mohammad (pbuh), no incident of target killing was reported in the violent Khyber-PukhtoonKhwa Province. However, the armed Wahabi-terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba was stormed the Imam Bargah Dar-e-Abbas (as) at Peshawar. This was later sealed by the biased administration of Peshawar.

Punjab Province:

By the grace of Allah and Mohamamd-o-Alae Mohammad (pbuh), no incident of target killing was reported in the Punjab Province. However the government of Punjab is providing full support to the armed banned terrorist outfits to get their political benefits against Shia Muslims.


We want to clarify infidels and agents of American that do you think bullets and bomb will weaken our faith?

We are the follower of Prophet Mohammad (pbhu) and Imam Ali (as), Our Mola Imam Ali (as) said that “Every trouble and hardship just increased us, in our belief, in our treading on the right path, in submission to divine command, and in endurance of the pain of the wounds”.

Do you think we are scared of death?

We are not scared of dying, in death there is life.

Shed our blood it will gives our live strength.

Kill us we will raise even more…..

This is the sign of your desperation that in the darkness of the night you kill our scholars, our doctors, engineers and innocent people to fulfill your evil agenda…….

This is because you have no logic….

If you had any logic then you would try dialogue and discussions…… but you are following the path of your master Yazeed and Mavia (La)…..

Your logic is to cause terror and the logic of Islam rejects terror…..

By assassinating our great leaders and intellectuals, you have proved our Islam to be true and our movements become alive…. Inshallah

When you try to silent us we remember the 10th of Muharram and land of Karbala…….

We don’t forget the word of our lord Hazrat Ali Akbar (as) in Karbala, he said that “are we not righteous?

Thus it does not matter if we get struck by death or deaths get struck by us………………

…………………………. We are hussaini and we are ready to martyrdom……………………………..   



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