ISO turns down malicious propaganda against Yemeni resistance

Imamia Students Organisation (ISO) president Ansar Mehdi has hailed the legitimate resistance of Yemen against Saudi-led foreign aggression, saying people of Yemen have inalienable right to rid their homeland of puppets and proxies of Israel’s patron United States and its regional allies.

He urged all religious parties and students organization to raise their voice against unjustifiable and unilateral Saudi-led aggression on Yemen.
Ansar Mehdi lamented that the legitimate Yemeni resistance to aggressors was being portrayed as rebels. He condemned malicious propaganda against the Yemeni resistance led by Ansarullah Movement and Houthis. He urged the media to refrain from labeling loyal sons of Yemen as rebels because factually speaking, they are defending their motherland and Saudi-led military coalition has no right to impose war on Yemen or impose their rule on Yemen through puppet rulers.


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