Rashid Rizvi warns of global sanctions on Pakistan due to banned outfits

Renowned civil society activist Rashid Rizvi, who is contesting Elections to National Assembly and Sindh Assembly from Karachi, has expressed surprise over the pro-takfiris mindset within the power that be.

“What do you want to achieve by sending takfiris of outlawed terrorist outfits to legislatures at the Centre and in provinces,” he asked, alerting that the entire world detest “your credentials” when they look at freedom being enjoyed of banned militant outfits in Pakistan.
He made it clear that he doesn’t call all Deobandis as takfiris but takfiris are those who have declared other Muslim sects as infidel/heathen and on that basis they perpetrate killings of innocent people including Muslims of other sects.
Rashid Rizvi said that he had gone to court to seek real ban on the banned outfits’ ringleaders but it seems that powerful quarters don’t want to act upon National Action Plan or other laws of the land. He said National Action makes it clear that no banned outfit would be allowed to continue their activities with same name or under any other name.
He said plan to pave way for terrorists of banned outfits to get elected as legislators was shocking for whole Pakistani nation. He lamented that takfiris of banned outfits were invited at President House and Governor House. He said it is also painful that they are being lured to get them elected as Parliamentarians for pro-terrorism and pro-takfiri legislation. He warned that Pakistan could face international sanctions due to this policy and FATF may put Pakistan in blacklist for terror-financing network. He said that lifting ban from banned outfit (ASWJ) sent another wrong signal to the world that now bears witness to the sham action against the outlawed outfits and their terrorist ringleaders.
Rizvi said he would raise voice for rights of all disadvantaged people if gets elected as legislator. He said he always demanded release of the innocent people who were subjected to enforced disappearance across Pakistan.


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