MWM opposes extremism and misuse of religion to secure votes, says DSG

Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen deputy secretary general Allama Syed Ahmed Iqbal Rizvi categorically opposed the misuse of religion or religious symbols to secure votes in Elections.

“It is inappropriate to seek votes in the name of religion,” he said, speaking at a meeting of the MWM Media Cell in which MWM media-related office bearers Syed Ali Ahmar and Asif Safavi were also present.
MWM deputy secretary general wants capital punishment for violent religious fanatics, extremists and militants. He said MWM also strongly opposed the financial corruption and bigwigs who are involved in plundering national wealth.
“We support judiciary’s verdicts against corrupt people. Nation will not tolerate contempt of courts because of judiciary’s bold judgments against high-profile corrupt people,” he said, adding that the MWM believes in rule of law and anti-corruption drive is a must to establish rule of law in Pakistan.



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