Sit-in at Indus Road in DI Khan to protest against Shia killings

The heirs, relatives and supporters staged a sit-in near Qureshi turning on Indus Road in Dera Ismail Khan where they also carried coffins of martyrs of terrorist attacks today on Wednesday.

However, District Police Officer (DPO) DI Khan, later reached the venue of sit-in and held talks with the protesters. He requested them to disperse and he assured them whatever they demand was acceptable and he would ensure arrest of the culprits.
The DPO told them since he was newly-posted hence he should not be blamed for inaction in the past. He said he would share daily progress report of probe with the heirs.
On categorical assurance from the DPO, the protesters agreed to disperse peacefully. MWM local leader Asad Zaidi also visited the venue and supported the protest. He demanded capital punishment for the terrorists involved in targeted murders.
Shia Muslim Baqir Hussain, son of Hashim Hussain was killed at 14th turning near Arabi Masjid.
Hifazatullah was made target in Parwa area. Aforesaid two martyrs were residents of Babbar Pakka.
Kaloo Khan, son of Haider was shot dead in Parwa area near mahrha adda. Since his father’s name Haider resembles Shia name; hence it is believed he could have been killed due to that resemblance.


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