Pakistan: Millions of Shia’s mark 9th Muharram procession amid security threats

moharram 270Thousands of mourning processions were taken out across the Pakistan on 9th of Muharram to remember the great sacrifice of Imam Hussain (as) and progeny of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)  in Karbala.

Millions of mourners across the country were participated in the procession and majlis to commemorate the sacrifice of the progeny of holy prophet Mohammad (pbuh). The big and smalls procession of Azardari and congregation were held at every knock and corner of Pakistan without any fear of terrorism.

Amid tight security arrangements thought the country, Majalis and processions were held on Monday in which Millions of mourners (azadars) participated despite the grave threat of attack and suicide bombings.

As many small and large processions took out in Karachi, the security agencies have beefed up security arrangements to avoid any untoward incident on this important day.

Muharram9-640x480In Karachi, the main and largest procession of Muharam 9 (Youm-e-Tasua) was taken out from Nishtar Park and after marching through it traditional routes peacefully culminated at Hussania Iranian Imam Bargah.

Police sealed closed all entrances and exits at M.A Jinnah Road with containers while shops have also been close on all routes of processions including Numaish Chowrangi, Saddar, Tibet Center, Light House, Boltan Market.

The Imamia Students Organization (ISO) Karachi staged demonstration at M.A.Jinnah Road after the Zohar prayer and condemned the America and NATO forces attack on Pakistan Armed forces, They urged the Government and Armed forces to leave the American coalition and to follow the path of honour and dignity like Imam Hussain (as).

The participants warned the America and Zionist regime that Muslims around the world would not tolerate any aggression against Islamic Republic of Iran. The protestors torched the US, NATO , Britain and Israeli flags. 

In Peshawar, hundreds of mourners took out procession at city’s Sadar Road where they perform matam through chains and staged nauha khwani (recitation of elegies). The procession culminated at Hussain Hall.

In Islamabad, the ninth Muharram procession was taken out from Markazi Imambargah G-6 amid stringent security measures, and culminated at the same place after passing through its designated route.

A large number of women and children also joined the mourning.


The day of 9th Muharram is dedicated to Hazrat Ali Akbar(as), the grandson of Imam Hussain (as), who embraced martyrdom while battling the forces of Yazid in Karbala. He so much resembled the prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

The ulema will especially highlight today the sacrifice of Hazrat Ali Akbar (as) in their majalis where as on Muharram 8 they shed light on the great sacrifice of Hazrat Abbas (as), the brother of Imam Hussain (R.A) revered by Muslims for his loyalty to his brother and his role in the battle of Karbala.

He was known as the greatest warrior in Arabia and mirrored the strength of his father, Hazrat Ali (as). He was flag-bearer of the Muslim soldiers battled against Yazid’s army, and martyred while fetching water form Firat river.

Imam Hussain (as) and his fellows stood firmly against a very large force of the Yazid; they choose to fight till the martyrdom in the way of righteousness instead of bowing to the evil forces

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