Why Pakistani Prime Minister doesn’t attend Majlis, asks Allama Wahidi

Shia Ulema Council general secretary Allama Arif Wahidi has criticized the Pakistan government’s top officials, mainly Prime Minister, for not participating in Azadari congregations of Shia Muslims during Muharram.

“Indian Prime Minister attends Muharram azadari Majalis. Why Pakistan’s Prime Minister doesn’t,” he asked.
Allama Wahidi said that people of Pakistan are raising these questions and these need to be answered by the rulers.
“Rulers of the country proudly go churches and temples on the rituals of non-Muslims and also attend the programmes of other Muslim sects. Why they don’t come to Majalis to pay homage to the great martyrs of Karbala,” he asked.
He said that mourning for Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions: the martyrs of Karbala, has been held for more than a millennium across the world.
The SUC leader urged the religious speakers to highlight the sacred martyrdoms of Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions in Karbala and must not desecrate those who are considered sacred by schools of thought.


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