Karachi: Three injured in twin blasts on Muharrm procession

kalapull blastThe two blasts rocked the Karachiites on Monday night (9th Muharram) and Tuesday (Ashura), leaving three Azadars and Karachities injured in the attempt to sabotage the Ashura procession.

According to the Shiite News, some media channels reported that the blasts were of cylinder explosions but the blasts were the planted blast like the Ashura and Arbaeen Procession 2009, which claims life of near about 135 mourners and common people.

sader blastThe lawsuits in connection with twin blasts occurred near Kala Pul in Defense and in Lines Area localities of Karachi, have been registered against unknown accused on Tuesday night despite the clear involvements of the banned terrorists outfit of outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba and other terrorists outfits.

According to the details, An explosion occurred on Karachi’s Kala Pul bridge on Tuesday the 10th day of Muharram (Ashura).

Senior Superintendent Police (SP) Tariq Dhareji of the Clifton area said one man was injured in the explosion, who was later shifted to Jinnah Hospital for treatment. He added that the bomb seemed to be a planted device.

The blast left a crater in the middle of the bridge, and was heard at a distance of about 4 kilometers.

Ambulances and Rangers personnel reached the spot.

Last night (Monday) 9th Muharram, a loud blast was heard in the Lines Area of Karachi which the police attributed to a “gas cylinder” but it was a planted blast to blast the mourning procession. Because, 9th Muharram procession passed by the area just before the blast took place.

While the explosion destroyed the store the cylinder was placed in, two persons minor injured in the blast.

Rehman Malik forms committee to investigate blast

Interior Minister took note of a cylinder explosion along a Muharram procession route, ordering a Joint Investigation Team to investigate the blast.

He has said both explosions were not caused by explosion of cylinders.


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