Historic Rohri Sukkur azadari procession reaches Karbala Ground

Hundreds of thousands of azadars (mourners) mainly Shia Muslims throng Imam Bargah Shah-e-Iraq and Maidan-e-Karbala to join the historic Muharram azadari procession in Sukkur-Rohri today.

The matami juloos or mourning procession that began from Mando Khabbarh has reached Karbala Ground. The mourning procession began from Imam Bargah Shah-e-Iraq.
Nodhali mourning procession will spend entire night at Karbala Ground.
These processions are historic in its nature because it continues without any rest or break for 48 hours.
The azadars of Imam Hussain/Martyrs of Karbala carry sacred flags and also taazia and lovers of Imam Hussain pay respect by participating in these processions.


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