Shia Muslims condemn PTI government for grabbing Kotli Imam Hussain

Shia Muslims of Dera Ismail Khan have censured the PTI government for transferring the entire Kotli Imam Hussain in the name of provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. They demanded that the entire property of Kotli Imam Hussain should be transferred to its Waqf (Trust) and that must be mentioned in the official documents.

Earlier, the PTI government had claimed that 119 kunal land of 327 kunal and 9 marla were transferred in the name of the Kotli Imam Hussain Waqf but now it came to surface that the government had deceived Shia Muslims.
Shia Muslims demand that the entire land should be restored to its original position and it should be declared property under Kotli Imam Hussain Waqf. They said that they would not allow any change in the status of the property and continue to protest against the government’s violation of its assurances and cheating with them.
They said that Kotli Imam Hussain is sacred and private property and the government has nothing to do with it.


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