All Shia parties stage sit-in in Lahore to protest against attacks on azadari

All Shia Islamic religious parties have agreed on united protest against attacks and uncalled for restrictions on azadari (sacred mourning in commemoration of Martyrs of Karbala) in Punjab province, in particular. They will stage sit-in at Faisal Chowk Mall Road in Lahore on Tuesday to protest against brutal police raids and biased actions against peaceful Shia Muslims/azadars.

The agreement was reached at a meeting of all Shia parties where renowned scholar Allama Hassan Raza Hamdani briefed the participants on many cases of unjustifiable police actions and attacks also in collaboration with sectarian extremists and hooligans such as Fort Abbas tragedy.
The meeting decided that the fist sit-in would be staged in Lahore and they would stage a sit-in on Faisal Chowk Mall Road Lahore.
Allama Hamdani vowed that they would not tolerate brutal police raids and registration of false cases against azadari. He said all arrested must be released, false cases against them must be withdrawn and action be taken against those who desecrated the azadari mourning congregations in Fort Abbas Chak 240 of Bahawalnagar district and other such cases in Lahore.


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