Eid-e-Zahra marks end of annual mourning for Martyrs of Karbala

Shia Muslims celebrated the 9th Rabiul Awwal as a Eid to commemorate the anniversary of beginning of Imamat of infallible Imam Mahdi, the saviour of humanity.

hia Muslims also celebrated Eid-e-Zahra yesterday (9th Rabiul Awwal) to commemorate the anniversary of historic smile of Imam Zainul Abideen on the killings of assassins of Martyrs of Karbala by the soldiers of Hazrat Mukhtar.
The anniversary of martyrdoms of Imam Hussain and companions also known as Martyrs of Karbala is observed every that began on 1st Muharram. And the annual mourn for Martyrs of Karbala continues till 8th Rabiul Awwal.
In between anniversaries of Ashura, Arbaeen, martyrdoms of Imam Sajjad and Imam Hassan Askari are also observed every year during these mourning days.
The annual azadari for two months and eight days has remained a tradition of for centuries in Pakistan and India. Eid-e-Zahra is also called Eid-e-Shuja.


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