Shia Muslim martyred in a targeted terror attack in Karachi

The new year brought another martyrdom for Shia Muslims as notorious terrorists from outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba shot dead Fida Hussain in Karachi on Wednesday night.

The terrorists made him target when he was at the medical store in Karachi’s Korangi district. He sustained critical wounds and breathed his last at the hospital where he was rushed.
His funeral prayers are being held in Korangi. Thousands of people are attending the namaz-e-janaza.
Imamia Students Organisation has condemned the targeted murder of Fida Hussain. It said that he was father of Atif Hussain, vice president of ISO Korangi chapter. They offered condolences over the murder.
Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen and Shia Ulema Council also have condemned the targeted killing of another innocent Shia Muslim citizen.
Shia Muslims lament the state policy under which outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba leaders enjoy protocol and are invited to state functions and even Saudi ambassador hosts them. This is what the alleged biased and pro-terrorism policy that is detested by the entire Pakistani nation with exception of a few hatemongering extremists.


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