Allama Sajid Naqvi demands inclusion of Kashmiris in Pak-India talks

Shia Ulema Council chief Allama Syed Sajid Ali Naqvi has stressed the need to make Kashmiris part of the process that is underway to sort out the Kashmir issue.

“Looking for solution to Kashmir issue cannot come to fruition if the Kashmiris are not made part of that process,” he said in his message on February 5 Kashmir Solidarity Day.
He said that Kashmiris are the linchpin of the process and their cardinal role cannot be denied under any pretext. Pakistan and India talks must include Kashmiri representatives.
“Minus-Kashmiris no solution will be acceptable. Wishes of Kashmiris cannot be ignored because they are party to the issue,” he said.
He advised Indian government to refrain from brinkmanship and aggression and begin serious parleys for earliest settlement of Kashmir issue. He urged India to establish peace by reducing its deployment and refraining from torture and violence in held-Kashmir to pave way for talks in a peaceful environment.
Allama Sajid demanded Muslim countries specially OIC to come forward to help Kashmiri people and win them their legitimate right to self-determination. He asked UNSC to play constructive role to do justice with Kashmiris and get them their right to freedom.
He said Pakistanis are expressing solidarity with people of Kashmir today by staging rallies and holding special programmes.


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