Indian submarine bid to enter Pakistani waters foiled

The Pakistan Navy successfully thwarted Indian submarine bid to enter Pakistani waters, a spokesperson of Pakistan Navy said on Tuesday.


The statement from naval force spokesperson said that Pakistan Navy used its specialised skills to prevent Indian submarine from entering Pakistani waters.
This is the second time since 2016 that the Pakistan Navy has detected an Indian submarine trying to enter Pakistani waters. Pakistan territorial waters is 12 nautical miles while its seabed territory — the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) — grew to 290,000 square kilometres in 2015. EEZ signifies an area of coastal water and seabed within a certain distance of a country’s coastline that cannot be entered without permission or prior information.
Screenshot from the footage shared by Pakistan Navy shows the Indian submarine detected on Monday night.
The fact that an Indian submarine laden with modern technology was detected by the Pakistan Navy is a loss for the Indian navy, said the spokesperson, adding: “Keeping in view the government’s initiative of peace, the Indian submarine was not targetted by the Pakistan Navy.”
Learning from this incident, India should also work towards peace, the statement added.
“This great feat is a testament of the Pakistan Navy’s superior skills. The Navy will keep defending Pakistan’s naval border. The force has the capability to respond to any aggression.”
The latest provocation by India comes a week after the Indian Air Force (IAF) violated Pakistani airspace on February 26 following the Pulwama attack in Indian occupied Kashmir. The IAF returned unsuccessful after the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) “immediately scrambled” its jets. According to Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the Indian aircraft released their payload “in haste” as they returned.
PAF the next day, on Feb 27, targeted non-military targets across the Line of Control to demonstrate Pakistan’s aggressive capabilities, and shot down two Indian Air Force jets after they crossed the LoC.
An Indian Air Force pilot, Wing Commander Abhinandan, was taken into captivity of Pakistan’s armed forces. Prime Minister Imran Khan, the next day, announced in a joint session of parliament that Pakistan would release the pilot as a “peace gesture” — a move lauded by people on both sides of the border as well as the international community that had urged restraint.
No such move or gesture for de-escalation, however, has been made by India so far.


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