Good news to Iran from Pakistan against terrorists soon: PM Khan to

Prime Minister Imran Khan told Iranian President Dr Hassan Rouhani that that Pakistan would provide Iran with good news about the terrorists soon.

In his telephonic conversation yesterday, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said this when Iranian president said that the terrorists, who are the instruments of other countries, should not be allowed to create distance between Tehran and Islamabad.
Prime Minister Imran Khan vowed that Pakistan government and army would do every effort to annihilate the terrorists and not allow them to use Pakistani soil against neighboring countries and Iran in particular. He said Pakistani Army is ready to firmly fight with terrorists with the information provided by Iran.
Rouhani said that Iran awaits firm operation of Islamabad against terrorists who use the Pakistani land to carry out attacks on Iran. Iran well knows about the whereabouts of the terrorists using Pakistani soil against Iran, he said.
President Rouhani further said that Iran is ready to cooperate with the Pakistani government and army to annihilate the terrorists. “Their presence does not benefit us, you and the whole region.”
He warned that continuation of terrorist acts from Pakistani soil could affect the friendly relations between the two countries.


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