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US has placed Pakistan in FATF grey list, Foreign Minister Qureshi says

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that United States had placed Pakistan in the grey list of Financial Action Task Force [FATF] and consequently, its relationship with Islamabad is not that great.

He said this but hastened to add that the Pak-US ties are improving due to PTI government’s successful foreign policy.
Qureshi said this at the Multan Tea House, a café on the lines of Pak Tea House in Lahore, located inside the Multan Arts Council where he was invited to a gathering of media persons and his supporters in his constituency NA-156. He spoke about US-Taliban peace talks in Afghanistan, the government’s dealings with India over Kashmir and relationship with neighbouring countries in detail.
The Foreign Minister said that Pakistan-US relations were under strain because of FATF but because of Pakistan’s role in US-Taliban peace dialogues, the relationship with the US is going to take a new turn.
He attributed this to Pakistan’s behind-the-scenes role in US-Taliban peace dialogue. “Our relations with the US are going to take a new turn. US-Taliban peace dialogues are underway in Doha and positive results are expected.”
“If peace is restored to Afghanistan, Pakistan could not only purchase cheap hydel energy from central Asia but the country’s economy would strengthen and there would be an increase in the country’s exports.
“For long the war is underway in Afghanistan and it used to say that terrorists coming from Pakistan are carrying out terrorist activities in their country. But this was a planned policy of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who wants to isolate Pakistan. India wants Pakistan’s isolation on diplomatic level but it has failed.”


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