Anniversaries of infallible Imams of Shia Islam celebrated in Pakistan

Pakistan-wide celebrations marked the birth anniversaries of three infallible Imams of Shia Islam in the holy month of Rajab so far and Pakistanis all set to celebrate the birth anniversary of the first infallible Imam Ali on Rajab 13.

Apart from Imams, birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali Asghar (AS), infant son of Imam Hussain (AS) has also been celebrated on 9th of Rajab.
The sacred month of Rajab began birth anniversary of Imam Mohammad Baqir on first of the month. Then came the anniversary of birthday of Imam Ali Naqi (AS) on 5th and 10th Rajab saw celebrations to mark birthday anniversary of Imam Mohammad Taqi (AS).
Shia Muslims also observed annual mourn on third Rajab in commemoration of the anniversary of martyrdom of Imam Ali Naqi (AS).


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