Birth Anniversary of Imam Ali and Eid Nauroz being celebrated today

The birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali, commander of faithful and infallible Imam, is being celebrated today on Rajab 13 according to Islamic lunar calendar while as per solar calendar today is Eid of Nauroz.

Shia Muslims celebrate the birth anniversary of Imam Ali (AS) like Eid and also as Fathers Day. Mosques, Imam Bargahs and streets in Shia neighbourhoods are illuminated.
Celebrations began since Wednesday night and to continue today.
Shia Muslims offer special prayers, wear new clothes and distribute Eidi and sweets. Special congregations are held where religious scholars highlights the sacred life of Maula Ali (AS) whereas poets also pay tributes to the heir to the last apostle of God and the Prophet of Islam and Humanity Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH).
Special prays are offered to mark Eid-e-Nauroz as well.


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