Families of missing Shias stage sit-in in Karachi Jafare Tayyar Society

The affected Shia families are staging a sit-in to protest against continuous undeclared and unofficial enforced disappearance of their near and dear ones in Karachi.


Mothers and wives of many such innocent Shia Muslims who have been subjected to enforced disappearance are seen sitting at the camp of protest at Nad-e-Ali point in Malir Jafar-e-Tayyar Society in Karachi.

The protest sit-in is being held under the aegis of Shia Missing Persons Release Committee led by Syed Rashid Rizvi.

The committee and heirs of the missing Shias demand that the innocent detainee must be released forthwith from illegal and unofficial detention. They said had there been any charge, they would have been produced in the court of law and would have been allowed their Constitutional legal rights to defend them through lawyers of their choice.


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