Families of missing Shias protest outside Karachi Press Club

Affected families of those Shia Muslims subjected to enforced disappearance staged another demonstration to protest against the undeclared and illegal detention of their bread-earners.

The families and close relatives participated in the protest demo held under the aegis of Shia Missing Persons Release Committee whose head Syed Rashid Rizvi spoke on the occasion.
He and Khalid Rao, a comrade of martyred rights activist Khurram Zaki, said that Shia Muslims only sin is that they turn down Israeli occupation over Palestinian land and for that reason United States administration and Saudi monarchy and its Crown Prince MBS are also angered.
They said since anti-Israel slogans anger Saudi monarchy and MBS, their allied rulers in Pakistan also get angered and put the anti-occupation and anti-Zionist law-abiding Pakistani Shia Muslims behind the bars.
They said that it was not a crime to express views since freedom of expression is allowed as per universal declaration of human rights of United Nations and in accordance with article 19 of the Constitution of Pakistan. The denounced the rulers and all those apparatus violating the Constitution of Pakistan to please Saudi monarchy.


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