Prime Minister Imran Khan urged to visit Quetta to meet Shia martyrs families

Shia Muslims are dismayed to see that Prime Minister Imran Khan has not yet visited Quetta to express sympathy and solidarity with the heirs of martyrs of Hazarganji bombing as Hazara Shia community publicly demand him to visit them.
Those staging sit-in in Quetta demanded that Prime Minister Imran Khan must visit meet the heirs of martyrs in Quetta and assure them of protection and impartial implementation of the National Action Plan (NAP).
The western bypass, which links the city with highways, remained blocked for traffic as security forces surrounded the area where the Shia Hazara families had set up their protest camp against the Friday blast at the Hazarganji vegetable and fruit market.
Representing the protesters, Advocate Tahir Hazara expressed dismay over the federal government’s attitude and regretted that Prime Minister Imran Khan had no time to visit Quetta after the tragic incident of Hazarganji.
He said the government had failed to protect their lives, as terrorists were continuously targeting the Hazara community in Quetta. “We have lost hundreds of our loved ones during the last 10 years,” he said.
Advocate Tahir said the National Action Plan had been prepared by the parliament with consensus yet many points of NAP were not being implemented. It was for this reason that the people of Hazara community were being targeted by terrorists, he added.
“PM Khan should ensure full implementation of the National Action Plan,” he reiterated.
The protesters also chanted slogans against the authorities for failing to protect the people against terrorist attacks.
While the provincial authorities contacted the protesters and assured NAP’s implementation, the latter refused to end their sit-in until all their demands are met.


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