ISO rallies in Karachi against genocide of Shia Hazara in Quetta

Imamia Students Organisation is staging rallies in Karachi to register protest against suicide bombing that targeted Hazara Shia Muslims in Hazarganji Fruit Market in Quetta.
Apart from members of the ISO, non-member Shia women, children and youths also joined the rallies to express solidarity with the Hazara Shia community of Quetta.
ISO President Qasim Shamsi, ISO Karachi-based leaders and MW M leaders Allama Ahmed Iqbal Rizvi, Nasir Abbas Shirazi and Allama Mubashir spoke to the rally yesterday.
They and the protesters criticized the security agencies for their failure to stop targeted murders of Shia Muslims and particularly Hazara Shia Muslims of Quetta. They said it is security failure.
They also noted with concern that instead of eliminating terrorist network under National Action Plan, government hold talks with the terrorist ringleaders of banned outfits that is tantamount to poisoning patriot Pakistanis to death.
They also condemned the enforced disappearance o innocent Shia Muslims and demanded their release or producing them in the court of law and granting them their legal right to defend them though lawyers of their choice.

ISO has earlier staged rallies on main Shahrah-e-Pakistan near Super Highway and in Malir.


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